The Best Real Estate Chatbot Templates for Realtors

How can a Chatbot be Useful in the Real Estate Industry?

real estate chatbot

I no longer delighted in those rambling, uninhibited messages, full of voice and human tragedy. It occurred to me that I wasn’t really training Brenda to think like a human, Brenda was training me to think like a bot, and perhaps that had been the point all along. I found I preferred the overnight shifts and began to work them exclusively. No one was wandering a property lost or fitfully texting Brenda from the road. Instead, people were browsing apartments before bed, and the messages they sent totally different quality.

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EXCLUSIVE: Janover Teams Up with Xchange.Loans to Expand Commercial Loan Offerings.

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Real estate chatbots can instantly provide virtual tours or video content for listed properties, offering an immersive experience. They can also offer virtual staging services, allowing clients to see how empty spaces can be transformed. According to a study by Matterport, listings with a virtual tour receive 49% more qualified leads. If you want to capture your website visitors and convert them into leads, a real estate chatbot is a tool for you.

How can a Chatbot be Useful in the Real Estate Industry?

Leads who are very close to a transaction might actually welcome eager salespeople reaching out to get the ball rolling, but top-of-the-funnel and mid-funnel leads aren’t quite there yet. Because they’re still at the education and research stage, they just want general information. That’s why top-of-the-funnel leads can be shy about giving their contact info. Quriobot is a drag and drop chatbot designer for companies seeking to create conversations that match your brand.

  • Thanks to artificial intelligence they will find the real estate of you dreams.
  • Learn how to drive more sales with GPT-powered chatbots in real estate.
  • You can set your chatbot to start chatting with leads based on their website activity.
  • For example, a lead clicking over to a listing page might trigger a chatbot to offer to set up a showing.

Real estate chatbots help you determine where a buyer is in the pipeline CRM and help move them to the next stage. A typical chatbot for real estate example would be handling routine property enquiries that give agents more time and space to focus on higher-priority tasks. Landbot lets you build chatbots for a live chat widget or design conversational AI landing pages. With Landbot, you can create simple chatbots in minutes, without any coding required.

How to Use Chatbots in the Online Trading Industry

In fact, many realtors are already interested in capitalizing on this technology. Chatbots have been identified as one of the strongest marketing tools to interact with visitors. For example, in this real estate chatbot template, the prospective client might want to buy a three-bedroom apartment with a garden and swimming pool which might cost above $500,000. The pre-qualification is handled by the chatbot, the information given can even be automatically recorded in the realtor’s CRM. With this information already processed, the realtors can shortlist few properties for the clients without the usual 30 minutes pre-qualification phone call.


The adoption rate of chatbots in this sector, however, is surprisingly low. For example, in Brazil, only 1% of chatbots were developed for real estate businesses. And only 8% of customers in Italy wanted to use virtual assistants for handling their real estate queries.

Better Engagement

Gaining followers on your social media is low risk and high reward. Your potential clients have nothing to lose by simply hitting that ‘follow’ button. They already know your business and have made a deliberate effort to stay in touch, so they’re noted warm leads. Plus, social media is also an easy way to expand your circle of influence by posting content that touches on reasons why people choose to follow your brand. Boosted by the advent of artificial intelligence, real estate chatbot app development solutions allow real estate agencies to adapt their services to new customer requirements and expectations. A new wave of technology could affect the real estate industry in the years to come.

Realtor Eklund-Gomes Team launches chatbot Maya – AIM Group

Realtor Eklund-Gomes Team launches chatbot Maya.

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In addition to all the features we mentioned, Smartloop also offers affordable prices. Also, it allows you to request a demo and try it out before you buy a plan. Tars offers three paid plans — business, premium, and enterprise. At $119 per month, the Startup edition plan offers advanced multichannel functionality. Additionally, Tidio has a 7-day free trial period where you can try out all chatbot features before committing to the premium subscription. As an AI solution, Tidio is built to answer up to 73% of business-related questions automatically, such as returns and refund policies and pricing inquiries.

Once a customer decides to buy or rent a property, there is a lot of paperwork required to close the deal. For security reasons, businesses need to verify where their customers come from, their profession and other details. They can also share documents such as a rent agreement or a sales deed with the customers. Sharing documents through a chatbot also helps in record-keeping which is beneficial for businesses as they can refer to it anytime they need to. From setting up appointments to sending out reminders and follow-up messages, chatbots take care of the routine tasks that, although small, are time-consuming. This ensures a smoother workflow and a more focused approach to customer service.

real estate chatbot

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