League City Testimonials

December 9, 2013

Doctor Cool & Professor Heat a good job and met my needs. As an ex AC service tech I would recommend them to other people as I did.

Kyle A League City, TX
July 23, 2010

I must say even though I’m not yet 100% sold on the Trane unit we purchased I am 100% sold on the professionals you have working behind your company name.

Joann B League City, TX
September 11, 2010

I think all the departments are doing a great job and I am happy to be a customer.

Joann B League City, TX
April 24, 2012

Very pleased with Doctor Cool & Professor Heat!

Larry C League City, TX
August 21, 2013

From the very start through to the end, it has been a real pleasure doing business with Dr Cool and Professor Heat. Not only did they install what I needed at a fair price, but they also put in a loaner unit to keep the house cooled until the new system was installed a week late.

Charles C League City, TX
June 12, 2010

Please have Hung come for our initial service call any time after July 17, 2010. I was most impressed with your whole operation especially Hung and since out of 4 service calls to 4 air conditioning companies I found 2 were absolutely dishonest and crooked! So thank goodness we have found your company to service our air conditioning and heating needs!

Austin D League City, TX
July 26, 2010

Always are very polite, prompt and thorough.

Vee E League City, TX
August 22, 2013

Always a great experience!

Victor E League City, TX

Ask me what Doctor Cool & Professor Heat can do to improve their job performance and I’ll tell you just keep doing what they’re doing!

R. Freudenberg League City, TX
October 16, 2012

I am very proud to own a Trane system. A great purchase and great service!!

Jack G League City, TX
November 14, 2013

We are so please we chose to do business with Doctor Cool. The installers were terrific!

Greg H League City, TX

Got job done in allotted time. Very much appreciated.

Sandra H League City, TX
June 8, 2012

The installation went very well. The contractor was very knowledgeable and the crew that installed the equipment did a great job. They explained everything to me and even showed me how to work my new thermostat. I am very pleased with the overall installation. Thanks!

Mike H League City, TX
October 17, 2013

Your work and employees are the best! Keep it that way!

Pattie H League City, TX
April 6, 2012

We were especially grateful and pleased that Dr Cool was willing/able to install a temporary unit to keep our family cool while we were on the list to get installed. That was definitely above and beyond. Thanks!

League City, TX
May 22, 2013

As always very pleased with work and service.

Marlene L League City, TX
June 13, 2012

Thanks for the fair service!

Brian M League City, TX
November 12, 2013

Installers were very knowledgeable and hardworking!

Barbara M League City, TX

The performance was excellent!

Daniel & Erica N League City, TX
July 31, 2013

Nothing at this time from the initial phone contact with the office staff to job completion all work and interaction was done in excellent fashion!

Jerry N League City, TX
January 16, 2012

I was very happy with the overall installation of my new heat pump. The installers were very professional and I would highly recommend Doctor Cool & Professor Heat.

Ron O League City, TX

I am very satisfied with my new high-efficiency air conditioning and heat system. They left the work area in excellent condition-no mess to clean up. Everything was fantastic!

M. Oliver League City, TX

Appreciate the QA follow up.

Garza R League City, TX

Thanks for your rapid response to my A/C problem. It is working great cycling on and off even thru the hottest part of the day holding the set-point temp.

John S League City, TX

Thank you for the great work you recently did, replacing our A/C and heating units. I’ve enclosed a copy of two letters I emailed to our local South Shore neighborhood newspapers, recommending “Doctor Cool & Professor Heat” to my neighbors. Just thought you’d like to know… Thanks so much for the quality work.

John & Nancy S League City, TX
March 29, 2013

Just keep doing what you are doing!

Judy S League City, TX
September 4, 2013

Excellent organization and staff to work with!

Dave S League City, TX
May 7, 2012

The contractor is a family business; we have dealt with them for more than 25 years. So I depend on them to help make the right decision for my situation. I have been very satisfied with their business. I can’t thank you enough for being so nice. I truly appreciate the service, thoughtfulness that everyone showed me. The techs were both very well-mannered and explained the answers to my questions. Please tell Mr. Jim that I said “Hello”.

Mary S League City, TX
November 19, 2013

Very professional and informative! Nic and Gus are awesome installers!

Virginia T League City, TX

Your team did a great job on an extremely hot day and one man was panting form the heat. Have you ever considered having the teams wear cool vests or something similar for their comfort and safety?

Beth W League City, TX

From the time Larry came for the estimate to the time Leon finished his QA check. I have been pleased.

Steve W League City, TX
October 25, 2012

You guys are the BEST!!!!!!

Debbie W League City, TX
November 1, 2013

Due to the backlog, Doctor Cool was unable to install right away. They got my AC to work temporarily by replacing its fan motor with another one so I did not have to do without AC for two weeks. Thank you!

David W League City, TX

Doctor Cool Receives BBB Award for Excellence for Twelve Consecutive Years

Since 1979, Doctor Cool & Professor Heat has served the Bay & Gulf area from Houston to Galveston.No other company that serves Harris, Galveston and Brazoria counties can claim more service and recognition. No other contractor in Houston has EARNED the Award for Excellence from the BBB twelve years in a row. Doctor Cool received the 2006-2018 Awards for Excellence, Winners of Distinction -- and was the 2010 Pinnacle Award Winner. What this means for you: we care about what our customers think of our services and products, and adhere to a greater standard of customer service.

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