HVAC Maintenance: What Causes Your System to Run Inefficiently

HVAC Maintenance: Inefficient System Causes & Solutions

HVAC Maintenance: Inefficient System Causes & Solutions

We rely on our HVAC system to provide cool temperatures during the summer, and to keep our home warm during the winter.

Why does our HVAC unit heat or cool poorly? Many times the reason your system is inefficient is poor or neglected HVAC maintenance.

There are many reasons why you would see a decrease in the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system.

Some may be simple filter changes, some are more serious and require one of our technicians to get involved.

To avoid total system failure it is best to contact us as soon as you notice any changes in your HVAC system’s performance.

Here are the reasons that your HVAC system may be operating poorly and what you can do to correct the issue.

Clogged and Dirty Filters

Air filters that are clogged and dirty are one of the most common causes of AC inefficiency. This is an HVAC maintenance problem that can be solved quickly and easily. Replacing your air filter should be a regular part of your HVAC maintenance regime.

Most air filters are replaced every one to three months depending on the size of the home, the number of pets, and if you have young children. Inspection and replacement of your HVAC filter is a regular part of our HVAC maintenance appointments.

Extreme Heat Or Intense Cold Outdoor Temperatures

High heat or excessively cold temperatures will cause your HVAC system to take longer to reach the desired indoor temperature. Take the outdoor temperature into consideration when evaluating your HVAC system performance.

An easy and convenient tool to provide consistent temperature control is the installation of a programmable thermostat to better regulate the difference in outdoor and indoor temperatures.

Air Leaks Around Doors and Windows

Air leaks around windows and doors can be a significant contributor to the inefficiency of your HVAC system. Warm air during the summer, and cold air during the winter can seep in around doors and windows and will cause your system to work harder.

These are all issues that will be inspected during our regular HVAC maintenance appointments.

Other Issues Can Affect Efficient Performance

Low refrigerant, damaged parts, electrical problems, dirty coils, or condensers are a few of the common issues that reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. These are all components that will require an experienced technician to inspect and repair.

HVAC Maintenance: Is Your HVAC System Working Inefficiently?

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HVAC Maintenance: Inefficient System Causes & Solutions

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