Plumbing Emergency: What To Do Next

Plumbing Emergency

Steps to Take During a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies are depicted in cartoons and classic comedy skits, but when they happen in reality, they are no laughing matter. They do happen. It can happen as the result of frozen pipes or the actions of pets, children, or adults in common activities. The water damage that results in walls, ceilings, flooring, and furnishings can be serious and significant. To minimize damage, remember to work with the following three Plumbing Emergency forces.

Electrical Force Plumbing Emergency

When water encounters electricity, the results are extremely dangerous. Do not step into standing water, and keep pets and people away. Go to the electric service panel and find the circuits that serve the immediate area of the leak. Flip the breaker or remove the fuse to shut off electricity in the immediate vicinity. Leave the power off until the leak is stopped and the water is cleaned up. Remember that water may have pooled behind walls or under floors.

Water Pressure Plumbing Emergency

The water moves through pipes in your home under pressure. When it begins leaking into a home, it will continue to leak until the water supply is shut off or the utility runs out of water. Hopefully, you know where the shutoff valve is in your home.

  • The shutoff valve may be a handle or faucet-type valve. Turn the handle valve to be perpendicular to the pipe. Turn the faucet-type valve clockwise.
  • If a plumbing emergency happens outdoors between the home and the water meter, the water will need to be shut off by the water utility company.

Gravity Plumbing Emergency

After the water valve has been closed, water may still flow from the leak, and that is a result of gravity. If a leak is on the first floor of a multi-story building, all the water above the leak will leak out of the pipe network. To eliminate this water:

  • Open multiple faucets to remove the water from around the leak.
  • Open a faucet at the lowest points possible in relation to the leak. The remaining water will quickly leak down the drains and not flow out of the leak. Turn the faucets off when the leak stops.

Water Heater Leaks Plumbing Emergency

If your plumbing emergency involves the water heat, here are a few further tips.

  • Often, mineral compounds in the local water supply corrode the water tank from the inside. A lining protects the tank, but sometimes corrosion creates a leak that cannot be patched.
  • If your heater is gas-powered, you will need to shut off the water, electricity, and gas supply to handle the problem.
  • The water heater should be drained, so locate the hose connection near the base of the tank. Connect a hose and drain the water to a floor drain or outside.

After the leak has been stopped, the hard part comes. Make observations and assess the damage you can see. Call Doctor Cool to make further assessments and to repair damaged pipes or water heaters. The damage may require calling various contractors or a recovery contractor.

If you would like more information about how to handle a Plumbing Emergency, Doctor Cool Can Help!

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Plumbing Emergency: What To Do Next


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