Even the most state-of-the-art HVAC system will start to break down eventually. On on long enough timeline, all mechanical devices fall apart.

HVAC repair and maintenance is simply a fact of life, which is why it’s important to maintain a relationship with an experienced local contractor in the Houston area. You’ll be thanking yourself for remembering your Doctor Cool & Professor Heat technician the next time a big AC problem arises during a scorching Texas summer.

We’re here for you when equipment breaks down, but why let it come to that? You can save yourself some money by knowing when to call before an HVAC malfunction occurs. This seasonal guide will give you some tips on when to call a Houston area technician to keep your HVAC system running smoothly all year long.

Spring: Time for Some AC Spring Cleaning

The middle of spring is a good time to call an HVAC repair specialist to have them perform preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system. You won’t have to wait forever for them to come by.

Wait times during the height of summer can be ridiculous, since everyone who didn’t do their yearly maintenance is sweating and panicking. And a maintenance check will be cheaper than having a broken unit repaired. Your HVAC contractor will likely replace or clean filters, lube your motor, and check and balance your refrigerant levels. These simple actions can prevent most of the major causes of AC failure.

Summer: Beat the Heat with These Maintenance Tips

Summer is to HVAC repair as December is to retail stores. Hopefully, you performed your preventative maintenance in the springtime to head off the most common causes of air conditioner break down. If you find that your AC still stops working to your satisfaction, try some DIY tricks before calling for help, you will be waiting a while anyway.

If you AC is running but not quite up to snuff, check your thermostat, change your filters, and remove any dust and debris from in and around the unit. Air conditioning units also have a tendency to “freeze up” on especially hot days when they are running their hardest. Sometimes just turning off the AC for a few hours allows them to return to a functioning operational temperature.

Autumn: Get Your Furnace Inspected

As summer comes to a close and temperatures drop, have a local HVAC technician come out and inspect your furnace and heating system. The same principle applies here to heating as it did to cooling: beat the rush and try to prevent problems before they start.

Furnaces, like any machine, require regular tune-ups. It is also a good time to make sure you have a stock of furnace filters. These usually go on sale at home supply stores around this time of year too.

Winter: Make a List, Check It Twice

There are few things more uncomfortable or more dangerous than a home without heat in the winter. Even after preventative maintenance, problems can still arise.

Luckily, many of the most common causes of heating loss are easily remedied without calling in the repairman. Check to make sure the thermostat is working correctly. You may also want to go check to make sure the pilot light is still on. If the heat is working but not adequately, make sure you change your filter and that all your floor registers are open to ensure circulation.

Remember, home solutions and maintenance are no replacement for the skilled hands of a properly trained HVAC technician. When the problem gets too big or your equipment starts to break down. Dr. Cool & Professor Heat can help.

For more information about HVAC maintenance in the Houston, Texas area, visit our HVAC Services page.

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