5 Reasons Air Conditioning Repair is NOT a DIY Project 

Air Conditioning Repair

Leave Air Conditioning Repair to the Professionals

Do-it-yourself projects are not for everyone! Some folks consider a trip to the home improvement store like a trip to an amusement park, while others shudder at the confusing aisles of stuff “I’ll never use.” Since that is true, some homeowners do as much as they can to maintain their HVAC system, and others search for the nearest professional and are quite content to let them do it all. If you are looking for a few good reasons to leave HVAC care to Air Conditioning Repair professionals, here are a few convincing truths to hold onto.

1 The Real Risk of Electrocution.

If taking the cover off of an appliance is stressful, leave it to a professional. Honestly, your furnace and air conditioner are connected to a high-voltage current. If that makes you uncomfortable, let someone inspect, clean, and replace necessary parts that have the necessary training and experience.

If your furnace uses natural gas or propane, unfamiliarity with gas systems is an equally legitimate reason to let someone else handle the maintenance.

2 Allergies, Asthma, or Breathing Problems

A major part of HVAC maintenance is cleaning dust, dander, pollen, and mold spores. If you have legitimate problems handling airborne particles, leave it to a professional. The “right temperature” air is not helpful if you struggle to breathe it.

3 Are You Sure?

Without the necessary training and experience, misdiagnosing a problem is a real possibility. When simple problems encounter your real inexperience, you may try to fix something that does need fixing. Fixing the wrong problem might cost more than getting it done right the first time. In addition, that lingering problem still didn’t get fixed, and you have adequate reason to leave it to the Air Conditioning Repair professional.

4 Will it Void Your Warranty?

When an HVAC system is installed by a professional it comes with a limited warranty. The warranty usually requires the owner to properly maintain the system (often with guidelines) and may require the maintenance to be completed by a professional technician. If a DIY maintenance attempt voids your warranty, leave it to a professional.

5 Refrigerant Gas

Both heating and cooling functions use a refrigerant gas. In the past we used Freon, but current technologies use eco-friendlier gases. Access to these gases and using them properly require training and licensing. Chances are you do not have a license for refrigerant gas, another good reason to leave it to an Air Conditioning Repair professional.

Chances are, your HVAC professional cannot do your job. Step aside and let them do their job. Keep everyone comfortable and safe.

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