5 Signs It’s Time for an HVAC Replacement 

5 Signs It's Time for an HVAC Replacement 

How To Know it is Time for An HVAC Replacement 

Whoa! This summer is a scorcher. How can it be this humid with so little rain? It is so refreshing to step into air conditioning—in the car, in public, but especially coming home to AC. What would you do without air conditioning? Wait! What would you do without air conditioning?

Do you know how to tell when your air conditioner is ready for an HVAC Replacement? In this article, we will uncover several of the leading indicators that your air conditioner needs to be replaced.

HVAC Replacement Due to Age

Mechanical systems, like automobiles, have a limited useful life. If you extend excellent care and maintenance, the day will still come when repairs are no longer a viable solution. Typically, air conditioners last between 15 and 30 years.

How long your air conditioner lasts largely depends on the amount of maintenance you have given over the years. The first indicator is determining how long your current AC system has been in use and reflecting upon the maintenance you have provided.

Frequent or Expensive Repairs

How often have you called the technician for repairs when the system is not functioning properly? Have you replaced the same part repeatedly? Frequent repairs indicate wear or stress on the system. Frequent repairs will often lead to the failure of a major component part.

When a major component fails, the repair may no longer be cost-effective. That is, replacing an expensive part on an old system still leaves you with an old system with other expensive components that will need to be replaced. Replacing the system makes more financial sense than replacing multiple components.


Engineers introduce new technologies with each new model, with energy-efficient functions that reduce the cost of operating year-round. New thermostats have phone apps that connect you to your home no matter where you are. Variable speed blowers can improve comfort, whether the temperature difference is large or small.

Refrigerant gases have changed over the years. Freon, also known as R-22, has been determined to damage the earth’s ozone layer. As of 2010, R-22 was banned from use in the USA. If your system still uses this gas, the replacement will be expensive and Freon will soon be unavailable.

Replacement gases are designed for use at different pressures than Freon, so AC replacement will be the only option available.

Strange or Unusual Noises

Since AC systems are mechanical, they will make noise, but you have become accustomed to the usual noises. Normal noises becoming louder or the development of unusual, new noises are often indications of serious problems ahead. Grinding or squeaky noises during the cooling cycle indicate serious wear and tear on crucial moving parts.

Banging noises in machine rhythm may indicate a moving part has a loose connection. Call a technician when you hear unusual noises; while they may indicate future problems, a repair may delay replacement for a while.

Loss of Function May Mean an HVAC Replacement is Near

Your AC system might struggle to maintain the desired temperature during an extreme heat wave, but it should recover as night falls and the temp drops. However, if your air conditioner struggles to keep you comfortable during a regular hot, summer day, call a technician. A repair may restore function, but it often indicates a more serious repair or system replacement in the near future.

HVAC Replacement Can Reduce Higher Utility Bills

Each year, the price of energy seems to increase under normal financial times. We are entering a period when energy prices are increasing dramatically. As a household financial manager, you are aware of THESE rising costs. But if the cost of heating and cooling your home increases at a larger percentage than anticipated, it may stem from the reality that your HVAC system is functioning less efficiently and will need to be replaced.

Do not hesitate to call an AC technician for any of these indicators. Usually, a repair will return the AC system to normal function, at least for a short period of time. Uncovering indicators that your system needs to be replaced will give you some time to plan instead of making an emergency replacement.

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