7 Reasons to Schedule Your Spring AC Tune-Up

7 Reasons to Schedule Your Spring AC Tune-Up

Spring AC Tune-Up To Improved AC Efficiency

Winter is quickly receding in the rear-view mirror and in my mid-to-late spring it will be time to turn on the air conditioner. Some may consider air conditioning an optional luxury, but it is more.

  • AC helps provide good indoor air quality, helping to avoid seasonal allergies
  • AC promotes a good night’s sleep on hot summer nights.
  • AC helps to reduce stress and resulting conflicts when there is no escaping summer heat
  • AC generally improves moods during the summer

In south Texas, the cooling season is much longer than the heating season, so Spring is the perfect time to schedule an AC Tune-Up visit from your HVAC professional. Preventative AC Tune-Ups is similar to changing the oil and rotating tires; a little annoying, but too important to neglect. Here are several benefits to servicing your HVAC system:

  1. It saves energy (and money). The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Star program was developed to help homeowners identify ways they can reduce energy use around the house. The DOE recognizes the benefits cleaning and servicing brings and documents the energy/cost savings. A clean system requires less energy; about 10 to 15% less. Check it out.
  2. Better performance. Dirty coils and filters reduce the system’s cooling capability, which causes the system to work harder. By cleaning critical components, the operation efficiency improves. The system should not run as long or as often to cool the house to the proper comfort level.
  3. Avoid emergency breakdowns. The AC has been dormant since late fall. Jumping into the stress of a long cooling season without an inspection can lead to an unexpected and unwelcomed failure. Maybe everything will be okay. After all, it worked last summer. It should be alright, right? Why not have a technician inspect and clean it, just to make sure? Nothing will ruin your day or week, like coming home to a hothouse and waiting a week or so for the proper parts to be delivered and installed!
  4. Lengthen the life expectancy of your AC. At Dr. Cool, our job is not to frighten you into anything. We work diligently to remind air conditioner owners of the importance of caring for the investment they made in their homes. Too many people think little or not at all about maintaining their AC. In a few weeks, they will flip the switch from Heat-On to Cool-On and expect the AC to cool every time, without fail.

We tell you that your HVAC has a limited lifespan, about 20 years, give or take. After decades of experience, we remind you that a well-maintained system will last longer and help you prepare for an eventual replacement. We provide both services and let you decide.

  1. Better indoor comfort. A poorly maintained AC system is trying to keep you very comfortable. Dirt components and weak, aging parts, struggle to keep up. You should observe that the AC will keep everyone cool and dry better after being serviced. Lower bills and better comfort! That is a bonus.
  2. Better indoor air quality. Your AC system is doing two things to improve the quality of the air you breathe.
    1. At least one air filter is removing airborne particles, including dust, dander, pet hair, pollen, mold spores, etc. Your AC Tune-Up will include replacing the air filter, but you will need to replace the filter as well—about every three months.
    2. The AC is also removing humidity from the air in your home. How much humidity? The optimum humidity level in a home in the summer is between 30 and 50% humidity. When you determine the humidity outdoors, you can see how much moisture your AC is removing from the indoor air—between 5 and 20 gallons of water per day.

A scheduled AC Tune-Up visit will assist the AC in removing both moisture and airborne particles, preventing them from recirculating endlessly.

  1. Peace of mind. All of these things combined will assure you that your AC system is as prepared as possible for the summer, including the oppressive humidity and the 10-day heatwave with temps above 1000.

Have Spring AC Tune-Up Questions?

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7 Reasons to Schedule Your Spring AC Tune-Up


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