AC Maintenance: Summertime Tips for Homeowners

AC Maintenance League City

AC Maintenance League City Homeowners Tips

By this time, your residential air conditioner is being used on a regular basis daily; it will not be long before it will be put through its pace, with more extreme temperatures. Therefore, it is in your best interest to give it some TLC to ensure it runs smoothly all summer long. Here are some suggested AC Maintenance League City steps to help keep your AC functioning well.

  1. Start with the thermostat. All but the oldest thermostats are battery-powered. The batteries should be changed annually; it might be time if you have not changed the battery recently. All but the oldest thermostats are programmable. Learning to schedule temperature changes takes a few minutes but can result in significant energy savings without jeopardizing comfort.
  2. Conditioned air enters the home through floor vents (usually on the floor or lower wall) and is drawn into the air conditioner through return vents (found near the ceiling on each level). Ensure that drapes, rugs, furniture, and furnishings are not covering the vents.
  3. Change the air filter regularly—about every three months. Clogged filters restrict airflow and cause damage to the AC components, interrupt the air conditioning function, and contribute to poor indoor air quality. The leading cause for air conditioner repair starts with a clogged filter. Schedule a calendar prompt to remind you to replace the filter.
  4. Consider cleaning the evaporator drain pan and line it with a few steps. First, trip the breaker that serves the air conditioner. Remove the few bolts that hold the cover to the evaporator chamber and lay it aside. Humidity condenses on the evaporator coil, a network of tubes and fins. It drips down to a pan and drains away in an attached tube. This tube can be clogged by debris or algae and the condensed water will create quite a mess. Pour a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water into the pan. This will neutralize the accumulation of algae.
  5. Address the condenser unit—the outdoor component of the air conditioner. Trim any grass or shrubs at least two feet away from the unit. Clean any leaf litter or blown debris that might have accumulated. Use a screwdriver to remove the outer cover of the condenser and observe the accumulated dust and grass clippings. With a garden hose, clean the coils thoroughly.
  6. Schedule a professional AC Maintenance League City visit annually.

With an AC Maintenance League City visit, a trained technician will complete a deeper cleaning and inspection of the system, including:

  • Checking the refrigerant gas level. The gas is contained in a closed system and subjected to extreme pressure. If this gas finds even a minute flaw, it will leak out, bringing the cooling process to a halt. The gauges necessary for testing pressure require training and experience for proper use.
  • The thermostat is only one of several sensors and switches necessary for air conditioning function. All of these electronics will be tested and repaired/replaced as needed.
  • There are few moving parts in an air conditioner, but a maintenance visit will ensure the blower motor is lubricated or the belt tightened as needed. Observation might uncover loose connections.
  • Wherever dust might accumulate in the system, the technician will clean it away, ensuring the most efficient function possible.

Proper equipment, training, and experience are all necessary for these steps. That’s why Doctor Cool is here to help you with your AC Maintenance League City. Call Doctor Cool & Professor Heat today at 281-338-8751 or email Doctor Cool.

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