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AC Repair Friendswood: Serving the Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Needs of the Friendswood Area

When you need professional air conditioning installation it is important to consider a company that has a proven track record of delivering quality service to the residents of Friendswood, TX. After all, when you choose an AC replacement you want to make sure that it is installed properly in order to ensure that you are able to maximize its energy efficiency and functionality.

Heating and cooling bills can get expensive, but with professional installation and an annual AC tune up you can do your part in keeping cooling costs as low as possible. Fortunately, Doctor Cool and Professor Heat have the factory trained technicians who are experienced in all aspects of air conditioning and furnace installation as well as AC Repair in Friendswood and AC maintenance. When you contact our experts you can be sure that your HVAC installation will give you many years of reliable service.

In addition to being a leader when it comes to providing all types of air conditioning and heating service Doctor Cool & Professor Heat are able to help you take steps to improve the quality of the air in your home. While many people have heard about how poor indoor air quality can affect their health, very few homeowners have actually taken the time to consider how they can improve the quality of the air their families breathe at home. Fortunately, Doctor Cool and Professor Heat can help you choose the right air filter installation for your home and family.

AC Repair Friendswood | Need an Electrician in Friendswood, TX?

AC Repair Friendswood | Air Conditioning Repair Experts

Of course, as a leading electrical contractor in Friendswood, TX, Doctor Cool and Professor Heat also have the expertise to provide the best electrical services for all of your home projects. Whether you want to install a ceiling fan, attic fan or even some new light fixtures, Doctor Cool and Professor Heat have the Friendswood electrical contractors trained to provide fast, professional electrical services.

AC Repair Friendswood | Air Conditioning Repair Experts

Beyond our electrical expertise, and our first-rate heating and cooling services, our technicians are air conditioning repair experts. We understand how tough it can be when your AC suddenly stops working. Especially during the dog days of Summer! So you can call us at anytime, and we’ll be ready to help as soon as possible. Just pick up the phone.

When you need a reliable company for air conditioning maintenance, air filter replacement or heating repair, choose a company that has the reputation of exceptional customer satisfaction and quality service. For seven consecutive years, Doctor Cool and Professor Heat have received the BBB’s Award for Excellence. This is an important distinction because it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality AC repair and service. Regardless of whether you need furnace maintenance or air conditioning repair, our professionals at Doctor Cool and Professor Heat are ready to deliver quality service with an attention to customer satisfaction.

Who We Are?

Since 1979, Doctor Cool & Professor Heat has provided AC service and sales in the Bay area from Houston to Galveston, Texas. No other company that serves these areas can claim better service or more recognition. As the ONLY air conditioning and heating company in Greater Houston having earned BBB awards 14 years in a row, you can count on us to keep you comfortable!

Doctor Cool received the Awards for Excellence, Winners of Distinction, and is a two-time Pinnacle Award winner! In addition, the Trane company has recognized Doctor Cool and Professor Heat for the past 14 years for customer satisfaction. What does this mean for you? You can trust us to take care of all your air conditioning repair, heating, and indoor air quality service and sales needs at a higher standard of customer service and satisfaction.

Many people have already discovered the benefits of working with a leading HVAC company. If you need air conditioner repair or service in Friendswood, TX, be sure to contact Doctor Cool and Professor Heat and discover how we can help you become a valued customer as well.

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