To replace or not to replace? That is the question. Determining if a furnace is ready to be replaced is an anxiety-riddled decision for those who are on a strict home-repair budget. Replacement costs including installation in the Houston, TX area can range from $1,500 to about $5,500 while furnace parts and repair are a substantially softer blow to a consumer’s finances.

Routine Care

Generally speaking, most properly maintained furnaces will last a decade or more before talk of replacement emerges. However, sky-rocketing energy bills, multiple recent repairs and unexplainable sounds of things going bump in the night may be indicators of a furnace that’s ready to be replaced. Be aware of the warning signs when they occur so that you aren’t caught in an emergency situation. Being proactive can help you avoid cold and unpleasant nights spent with a broken furnace.

Maintenance Technician

In the course of routine maintenance and inspection, a qualified technician should be able to determine if your furnace is on its last leg. Like most things on this earth, the largest and most frequent expenses occur toward the end stages of life, so multiple part replacements could indicate that it’s time for a new unit. Over time, a homeowner could end up shelling out more in repairs than he or she would have paid to replace the unit. Inadequate home insulation could also be adversely affecting your heating bills.


Replacement may also be necessary when a home does not have a furnace that is the proper size for the home. Consumers with units that are less than ten years old have a better chance of resolving their heating issue with furnace parts and repair. Even if the unit is not operating at optimal efficiency, a Houston, TX area professional technician should be consulted to determine if upgrades to the thermostat or ducts are an option prior to replacing the entire unit. In either case, a trusted technician can advise you on the most appropriate course of action.

If you feel confused by the issues of heating system tune ups and maintenance, yet know your furnace needs a hard look from a top-quality contractor, check out heating specialists in the Houston area.

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