HVAC Maintenance for Summer Vacations

HVAC Maintenance for Summer Vacations

HVAC Maintenance Preparations for Summer Vacations

Summer is the perfect time for many families to get away, do fun things, visit family or generally just relax in a different setting. Memories are made and the time is well spent as you return refreshed, recharged, and invigorated.

While you are away, should you leave your AC running as normal? That raises the electric bill needlessly! Should you turn the AC off altogether since no one is home? You might return to a hot home with high humidity and the musty smells, mold, or mildew that results. Is there a good HVAC Maintenance solution to this dilemma?

Installing a smart thermostat will help you cool your home while you’re away and take advantage of some best practices. Smart thermostats are generally inexpensive HVAC controls, that are programmable and can be customized with an app on your smartphone.

By programming your AC and heating year-round, you will reduce energy use and lower utility bills year-round. Let’s demonstrate HVAC Maintenance how it can help during vacation time.

HVAC Maintenance: Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Programming “on-the-fly.” The last two days before you set out on your trip are some of the busiest of the year. The lists have been compiled and checked twice. It is not surprising for families to forget to adjust the temperature while away. With a smart thermostat, you can adjust the thermostat via your phone app.

Programming your AC while away will save on your energy bill and keep humidity between 30 to 50%, ideal indoor humidity. In addition, you can lower the temperature 30 minutes before your return home, giving your family a comfortable “welcome home.”

Real savings on your utility bill. By adjusting household temperatures a few degrees for as long as 8 hours, while everyone is sleeping or away for daily activities, smart thermostats help consumers save 10 to 15% on their utility bills year-round. Adjusting temps while away for a weekend visit or a two-week vacation will reduce your energy bill accordingly.

Total customization. Sometimes vacation plans change. Sometimes a family member returns home, while everyone else is away. With a smart thermostat, this is no problem. The phone app allows you to make customize controls to fit your ever-changing schedule.

System alerts. As long as you have internet access, a smart thermostat allows you to monitor your HVAC system functions. You can receive notification of component failure, spikes in energy usage or . . . none of the above. It can serve as an early warning system and prepare you for problems that arise while you are away.

HVAC Maintenance For Summer Vacation

Going on summer vacation, and need HVAC Maintenance? To help you make the best decision, we’re happy to inspect the HVAC equipment you have and show you the best HVAC Maintenance plan for your home.

Call Doctor Cool & Professor Heat today at 281-338-8751 or email Doctor Cool for tips about Lowering Energy Bills during the intense South Texas heat of the Summer.

HVAC Maintenance for Summer Vacations

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