HVAC Prices in 2022 Could Be Higher

HVAC Prices in 2022 Could Be Higher

How Recent Events Might Affect HVAC Prices in 2022

As Fall turns to Winter, it’s time to change the thermostat from cool to heat. This reminds you that your annual HVAC maintenance is coming up and you need to call Dr. Cool to schedule a technician in the near future. These HVAC maintenance calls have prolonged the service life of your central heating and cooling system, and you are grateful. It gives confidence that in any season, your home will be comfortable and safe. We appreciate your trust. Since you trust us, we want to bring some industry changes to your attention that may affect prices at present.

Covid-19 and Supply Chain “Bumps in the Road”

It is strange how something as small as a virus can change the prices of furnaces and air conditioners. Here is what we know:

  • Manufacturing strategy is based on simple supply and demand. HVAC systems are assembled in numbers based on new construction, replacement, and upgrade rates. A small inventory is helpful, but warehouses full of unsold HVAC components do not help anyone. In 2020, the industry had a normal inventory in stock.
  • In 2020, factories were closed for several months. While manufacturing slowed to a trickle, the demand continued to eat up the existing inventory. Restarting factory activity was slow in most cases and protocols restricted the number of workers in some locations. Industry-wide, it is taking time for factories to rebuild inventory.
  • A few issues that contribute to the overall supply problem include computer chip availability and the number of delivery drivers that have changed jobs and are no longer available.
  • We have no crystal balls and pandemic news is changing almost daily. Everyone is pulling together, but we do not know for sure when inventory will return to normal.

The Bottom Line

What can you expect in the near future?

  • Expect the stock of replacement furnaces to be in short supply for the present and near future. Please call and give us plenty of time to ensure we have all of the necessary components and parts. We will do our very best for emergency repair situations.
  • The same conditions are true for air conditions. If you need to have a new AC unit or need an existing component replaced this Spring, we suggest placing an order now to give plenty of time for the inventory to be available.
  • It will not surprise you to know the price of furnaces and air conditioners have increased twice this year alone; in the short-term further price, increases are possible.

The Importance of Maintenance

These market conditions make taking good care of your existing HVAC system an essential project. Several things you do can keep your HVAC system running smoothly and have a good chance for the longevity of service.

  • Keep it clean
    • A preventative maintenance visit from your certified technician will clean the system components and inspect for small changes indicating imminent failure. A small repair now helps avoid major repairs a few months from now.
    • Make sure to change your air filter at least every three months. The air filter is removing significant amounts of dust, dander, mold, and pollen, keeping airborne particles from recirculating. A clogged filter puts stress on the blower motor, so change the filter as needed.

Questions About Why HVAC Prices in 2022 Could Be Higher?

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