Mobile Home HVAC Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Mobile Home HVAC Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Mobile Home HVAC

HVAC systems come in a variety of different sizes to fit a variety of different home types. Mobile homes require smaller HVAC systems that traditional homes. We have developed mobile home HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair guidelines for your mobile home’s HVAC system.

Mobile Home HVAC Installation

Space is limited in a mobile home. Ductwork has to use limited space efficiently. However, there are efficient options available for space heating and cooling in a mobile home. Our service and installation team receive regular training, and practice the most current methods for all aspects of the installation, from the system to the duct sealing.

Mobile Home Furnaces

Mobile homes have furnace systems designed specifically for use in mobile homes. These systems use smaller ductwork for more efficient use of space. Ductwork for mobile home HVAC systems is made from a flexible material that can run through the crawl space or small attics of mobile homes.

The high-velocity forced-air HVAC systems for mobile homes can efficiently move heated or cooled air through smaller ductwork. To ensure efficient airflow, it is imperative that the vents are never blocked. Often, cooling coils are installed with air-handling equipment to provide the mobile home with an air conditioning equipment option.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini-split systems are an excellent option for mobile homes without existing ductwork. A ductless air conditioning system saves space while accessing efficient cooling and heating.

With ductless AC systems, an individual unit is installed in the area that you want to cool and heat. Air handlers are connected to an outdoor heat pump/air conditioner.

Mobile Home HVAC Installation

The HVAC requirements for a mobile home is completely different than traditional homes. Dr. Cool’s mobile home HVAC system technicians have experience installing air conditioning and heating systems in mobile homes. Our technicians can help you select an HVAC system and the appropriate equipment to deliver the comfort level you desire.

Our technicians are highly skilled in mobile home HVAC installation and provide maintenance, and repair services to keep the AC system running at optimal levels.

Mobile Home HVAC Maintenance

The mobile home HVAC systems require regular maintenance, just like traditional cooling and heating systems. Our technicians perform preventative maintenance services twice a year, once in the spring for cooling, and once in the fall for heating.

In addition to our regularly scheduled mobile home HVAC maintenance, homeowners can take steps to keep your mobile home heating and cooling unit in the best possible shape.

Mobile Home HVAC Installation, Maintenance, and RepairChange Your HVAC Filter Regularly: Many mobile homes can have two different air filters. The first one is in the equipment’s filter compartment or the return air grill. You may follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines, or you may want to change your air filter more often if you have pets.

Keep Vents & Equipment Free of Blockages: Make sure all vents are free of any being blocked and keep indoor and outdoor equipment free from any potential hazards.

Mobile Home HVAC Repairs

Mobile home air conditioning units require an experienced repair technician. Dr. Cool repair technicians have decades of experience repairing and working with mobile homeowners in repairing and replacing their HVAC system.

Does your HVAC Unit Need Repair or Maintenance?

Doctor Cool and Professor Heat are independent American Standard dealers with over four decades of HVAC installation and repair experience.

If you are experiencing a noticeable decrease in the functioning and efficiency of your Mobile home air conditioning unit, you need to call Doctor Cool & Professor Heat at Call today at 281-338-8751 or email Doctor Cool. The longer you ignore or put off making the call, the more costly the repair can be.


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