HVAC System Fall Maintenance Tips

HVAC System Fall Maintenance Tips

No Time for A HVAC system Breakdown

Fall is upon us and that means the holiday season is right around the corner. The most organized among us are already making plans for gatherings, gifts, and gourmet meals. The next few months will be filled with merry-making, gift-giving, decorating and cooking favorite meals. It is our most favorite time of the year, and a breakdown of our furnace would be very inconvenient.

South Texas is known for mild weather year-round, but last Winter reminded everyone that the only certain thing about weather is change. That is why Dr. Cool is reminding you to prepare for the holiday season by maintaining your HVAC system early. A preventative maintenance visit in the Fall will give you confidence your central heating unit is functioning properly when the temperature drops.

It is no secret that mechanical systems need to be cared for regularly; you change the oil in vehicles and keep your lawnmower in good working order. Your HVAC system may appear to be only metal boxes, but inside are precision components designed to keep your home clean, comfortable, safe, and dry. They also heat and cool the air when needed.

When you schedule a maintenance visit, a skilled technician will open the appropriate components, clean the dust that can build up on blower fins, wiring, and electrical controls. Dust will encumber the parts and interfere with the flow of electricity. Various controls and switches will be tested to ensure proper function and efficiency.

He may also make sure there are no cold spots, and that heat is reaching every space for even comfort. If a problem is detected, the small problem will be discovered before it becomes a big problem.

After your HVAC System professional completes the maintenance visit, you will have peace of mind throughout the heating season, knowing the system is in good working order. A well-maintained system will work at peak efficiency, saving you money on your utility bills. That is good news since you plan to be a little more generous with gift-giving this year!

Your maintenance visit will also include a fresh air filter, allowing everyone to breathe easier. Your technician will remind you to change your filter at least every three months. Filters remove as much as 97% of dust, pollen, mold spores, and even bacteria and viruses. If you have special concerns about air quality, your technician can give details of enhanced features, such as UV lights or HEPA-rated filters.

Timing is Everything

You must admit that a maintenance or repair visit during the middle of holiday activities would be very inconvenient.

By scheduling a preventative maintenance visit in the early Fall, you can take your time and become more familiar with your system; ask questions and get answers from a skilled professional with lots of experience.

Or if you prefer, you can let the professional complete the cleaning and inspection while you complete other tasks. The result will be an efficient, clean HVAC system, ready to keep your family and guests warm all season long.

Need Help Getting Your HVAC System Ready For Fall?

Call for HVAC system maintenance before you have a system breakdown and before our appointments book.

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HVAC System Fall Maintenance Tips

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