Post Storm Plumbing Repairs

Dr Cool Can Help with Post Storm Friendswood Plumbing Repairs

Post Storm Friendswood Plumbing Repairs To Watch For In League City

We have already had several active spring storms, and hurricane season 2024 begins in a few weeks. It includes patiently watching the South Atlantic and the movement of serious storms through the Caribbean. While most folks seem to be doing nothing, there are family discussions around the kitchen table, organizing and deciding preparedness plans.

Looking into all of the “what ifs” takes time and attention; different storm intensities require different strategies. The big decisions are obvious:

  • To evacuate or not evacuate
  • Purchasing and storing sufficient food and water
  • Preparing the house/yard to minimize storm damage
  • When to cover windows

Preparedness plans will also include protecting home building systems from the potential damage of severe weather. Typically hurricanes cause:

  • Tremendous storm surges that can cause water to back up for miles from the coast
  • Heavy rainfall, leading to localized flooding
  • High winds that may exceed 150 mph
  • Frequent lightning strikes
  • Potential for tornadoes

These extreme weather conditions can cause severe Friendswood plumbing repairs with residential and commercial plumbing systems, including:

  • Severe Sewer System Backups. The storm drains and sewer drains are separate pipe networks in Houston, but surges and localized flooding can overwhelm sewer systems. When that happens, there is no place for the wastewater to go. At this point, flushing or running water can lead to backup/overflows.

    This situation should be temporary. Wastewater drains away via gravity, and when the sewer line loses support, it can belly and cease to decline. It can also lead to breaks in the sewer line. Watch for pools of wet, smelly soil. If you notice these areas around your home, it is time to call in the plumbing repair experts.

  • Erosion Damage. The heavy rainfall will cause obvious surface erosion, but it can also cause soil below the surface to soften and shift. This erosion can lead to the movement of buried pipelines, particularly the water supply and drain lines.

    When water supply lines lose support, they often break and leak. If you suspect a water leak, observe the water meter while no water is being used. If the meter registers water use, call Dr Cool Friendswood Plumbing Repair.

  • Water Supply Dangers. Storm damage can affect the water supply in several ways; the distribution pumps can be struck by lightning or overwhelmed by flood waters, and supply pipes can be damaged by erosion. It is not unusual to receive a  “boil order” notice in the aftermath of strong storms.

    The notice might require running the water for a designated time and/or boiling water before drinking, cooking, or washing. For this reason, storm Friendswood plumbing repairs preparedness plans call for purchasing at least a three-day water supply for drinking, flushing, and washing.

Sump Pump Problems

If your home has a sump pump, ensure it is in fine working condition before a hurricane arrives. Normal hurricanes have extreme rainfall, but Houston goes well beyond extreme when it comes to thunderstorms and hurricane rainfall. Ensure that the drain hose for the pump is unencumbered and can release large amounts of water.

Protect the Water Heater

Both electric and natural gas water heaters are electrical appliances and are susceptible to lightning strike damage. Emergency planners recommend turning the natural gas and electrical supply off during the worst of the storm since damage can happen very quickly. This is very important should your plan include evacuation to avoid excessive Friendswood plumbing repairs to the home while everyone is away.

Dr Cool Can Help with Post Storm Friendswood Plumbing Repairs

Let Doctor Cool help with your post-storm Friendswood plumbing repairs and hurricane preparation questions. Call Doctor Cool & Professor Heat today at 281-338-8751 or email Doctor Cool and let our professional Residential Friendswood Plumbing Repairs experts assist with all of your plumbing questions.


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