Sounds that Indicate You Need AC Repair

Sounds that Indicate You Need AC Repair

Sound to Listen for that Indicate You Need AC Repair

We are totally surrounded by sound morning, noon, and night. These sounds fade into the background of life and we think little about most sounds. Standing on the front porch, you are likely to hear traffic, birds, tree frogs/cicadas, children playing, and a neighbor mowing the lawn.

We tend to tune out many of these noises. A very distinct or loud noise is required when someone/something needs to get our attention; tornado sirens are good examples. The normal sounds of an air conditioner system blend into the background of family life. To homeowners who listen, new or loud sounds are good indicators of trouble or future trouble. If you hear these unusual sounds, here are the Sounds that Indicate You Need AC Repair:

Repeated Clicking or Buzzing

With as many electrical controls and switches in an air conditioning system, it is normal to hear clicks from various areas. However, when the clicks come quickly and often, it indicates trouble ahead. Locate the source of the clicking and call a technician for repairs.

When electrical parts show wear and begin to fail, it can cause an audible humming. Locate the source of the sound and call a technician.

Screeching or Grinding

Surprisingly, there are very few moving parts in an air conditioning system—a blower motor turns a fan in the evaporator chamber to move a large amount of air throughout the home. The motor may turn the fan directly or with a belt. A constant, loud noise during the cooling cycle often indicates a problem with the motor bearings or a worn or broken belt.

Rattling or Banging

The blower motor is not likely to cause rattling or banging; however, a large amount of air moving through the ductwork often finds any leak or loose piece of sheet metal. Finding the rattle might take some time since the sound will travel through the network. However, finding the source of the problem will save time when the technician arrives.

If the rattle and bang are coming from the blower motor, it might be as simple as a loose screw or bolt holding the blower motor in place.

Shrill Whistling

A leak in the ductwork is a problem; the leaking air might make a shrill (possibly annoying) whistle. Again, finding the leak might be difficult since the sound can travel throughout the ductwork. However, locating the leak for a technician will be very helpful.


All air conditioner systems use a refrigerant chemical to transfer heat. When it is cool and relaxed, it exists as a liquid, but when it is pressurized, it heats up and becomes a gas. The whole system is closed and under pressure. When the closed system develops a leak, the refrigerant will leak out with a hiss. (The hiss will not last long, but locating the sound will be very helpful for the technician.)

If you are hearing loud, unusual sounds coming from your AC, call us today for an AC repair appointment, We Can Help!

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Sounds that Indicate You Need AC Repair

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