Isn’t it tempting to lose your cool when your AC quits working properly? Summertime in Houston is hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk, without having to swelter inside your home.

Preventative Maintenance

Generally, the discomfort of suffering a day or two without air conditioning is preventable. The first and most important telephone call to your Houston AC professional should be to schedule an annual preventative maintenance checkup on your unit.

The technician will ensure your entire HVAC system is performing to its highest potential and carefully examine the entire system for possible forthcoming issues. He will clean and lubricate the system as well.

In the meantime, do your part as a responsible homeowner. Replace air filters according to manufacturer’s instructions. Keep your outside unit debris free. Ensure inside vents aren’t blocked.

Despite best efforts, problems with your AC unit may occur.

AC Unit Not Cooling Properly

When your AC unit isn’t producing cold air from the air registers, certain rooms aren’t cool, your monthly energy bill catapulted, or the unit quits running, something is going on that calls for expert help.

Don’t hesitate to contact your AC repair professional. Be mindful, one faulty part can cause serious damage to your HVAC system, if it’s not handled quickly.

Note: When you first notice that your AC is not cranking out cold air, check the thermostat. Ensure you have switched from heat to cool and see that it is set on your preferred temperature. This may seem elementary, but people do it all of the time. You’ll save money and the embarrassment of a service technician informing you that the thermostat was not on the correct settings.

HVAC System Making Weird Noises

If your AC unit starts making weird noises, don’t delay. Call for professional HVAC service. For example, a hissing noise indicates a refrigerate leak. Rattling noises suggest an obstacle is somewhere in the unit. Squealing sounds usually imply the necessity to adjust or replace the fan belt of the A/C system’s motor. If the unit gurgles, it’s likely low on coolant.

A clanking noise is bad news. Clanking signifies something is wrong, from loose blades to loose parts in the motor fan and more.

For safety purposes, turn the AC off and call your service technician.

Excess Water Overflowing from HVAC System

You can expect to see condensation from your AC unit in the drip pan. However, if you see a puddle of water, it could be a signal that the drainage system is blocked up. Some DIYers set about to fix this intricate problem. It’s not easy.

To get it done correctly, the first time, call your HVAC repair specialist. He has the necessary expertise and the right tools to take care of any clogs in your AC system.

Comfort Counts

When the AC is running, and your home is too warm for comfort, it’s time to call for professional help. If you’ve exhausted all efforts to determine what is wrong, but failed to find the culprit, professionals have cutting-edge equipment and experience in finding problems with your HVAC system.

The high humidity and heat in Houston can lead to serious allergy or asthma problems when your AC stops working. Health is a good reason to make an urgent call for AC repair.

Low Coolant

Warm air blowing out of the vents is a warning sign that the refrigerant in your AC unit is low. Simply adding refrigerant is not enough, because there is probably a leak inside the unit. In addition to your discomfort, the coil and various parts inside the system can freeze up and then you will have serious problems.

Call your AC repair service right away.

Compressor Fails

Consider the compressor as the “heart” of your AC system. As long as the compressor continues to pump refrigerated air through the coil and then throughout the total system, your home stays comfortable during the sweltering Houston weather.

Compressor replacement is among the costliest AC maintenance expenses.

Bottom Line

If you decide to postpone your annual AC preventative maintenance…If you delay calling your HVAC Repair Professionals in Houston, even when you suspect a problem…it will generally cost more money for repairs or replacement parts.

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