Why Spring is the Best Time for an HVAC Tune-Up

5 Reasons Spring is the Best Time For an AC Tune-up

AC Tune-Up Best Practices

Your HVAC system deserves the same maintenance as your vehicle. Your car gets oil changes, fluid checks, tire rotations, and air pressure checks are a shortlist of care your vehicle receives. This routine maintenance ensures proper working order and will extend the life of your vehicle, not to mention the reduction in repairs due to neglect.

What if you were to apply that same concept to your HVAC system? As much as we rely on your air conditioning system to provide comfort, we should take the same approach to upkeep and maintenance as we do to our vehicle. Spring is the best time to conduct your seasonal maintenance.

Providing your HVAC a proper tune-up before it begins its busiest season of the year is a great way to ensure it treating you well throughout the summertime heat.  Here are the top reasons an HVAC tune-up is important.

5 Reasons an HVAC Tune-up Is Needed

It’s important to keep up with routine HVAC maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently so that it can help keep your family comfortable year-round. Here are the top reasons an HVAC tune-up is important.

  1. Tune-ups Increase HVAC Efficiency

Chances are it has been some time since your last HVAC system tune-up or inspection. Regular use generates dirty and debris in, on, and around your air conditioning system. The dirtier, the more strain your HVAC system experiences. This not only puts strain on your HVAC system, the strain will increase your monthly utility costs. A Spring HVAC tune-up allows the technician to clean your system inside and out to improve its efficiency.

  1. Spring HVAC Tune-up Can Prevent Emergency Repairs

Preventative maintenance is best done PRE summer. Your AC tune-up will determine if there are any repairs needed. Repairing HVAC components early can prevent costly repairs in the future. Leak detection is a primary cause of emergency appointments. Repairing the leak quickly can prevent your compressor from failing, which is a costly expensive repair. Spring AC tune-up appointments will also avoid an AC system failure during the intense heat of the summer.

  1. AC Tune-up Appointments are More Readily Available in the Spring

The summer is an HVAC company’s business time of the year. Booking an appointment for an air conditioning crisis may be delayed or difficult the later it gets in the summer, or the hotter the summer temperatures. AC tune-up appointments may be pushed back to make room for more serious repair appointments or emergency situations. In addition, some HVAC repair companies increase pricing for emergency/after-hours appointments during the summer months. By scheduling your AC tune-up in the Spring, you can avoid unwanted appointment charges.

  1. Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Will be Improved

Cooling your home’s air is not the only task responsibility of your air conditioning system. Circulating the air in your home and removing dust/debris are an essential part of your AC system’s primary function. Air filtration that removes animal dander, dust mites, pollen, and larger pathogens is accomplished by your AC unit filter. Your AC filter will remove these pollutants and keep them from reentering your homes air supply.

  1. An AC Tune-up Keeps Your HVAC System in Prime Condition

A well-maintained automobile performs at its best. The same is true for a well-maintained air conditioning system. A professional AC tune-up puts your HVAC system in its best working condition as you enter into the season that it will work its hardest.

AC Tune-Up: Your Family’s Health Depends on It

Your AC system is the primary determinant in the quality of the air you and your family breathe inside your home. In addition to the health aspect, an AC tune-up can save you money on your utility bills. Keep indoor air quality a top priority in your home-upkeep regime. Don’t wait until your AC system breaks down to attempt maintenance.


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