Why Yearly HVAC Maintenance is So Important

Why Yearly HVAC Maintenance is So Important

HVAC Maintenance is Crucial for Your System

We are all accustomed to maintenance tasks; we do them all the time. Common cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming and mopping are considered maintenance. At times, computers or electronics need to be cleaned of dust and malware. You can probably name most of the fourteen tasks on a 14-point oil change. Of course, an annual checkup with your doctor makes sure YOU are kept in good working order. However, you might not have a clear understanding of what happens during an HVAC Maintenance visit. If you understand the scale of the tasks, the value will become apparent. Here are some common tasks completed during an HVAC Maintenance visit for your furnace and air conditioner.

Visible Inspection During an HVAC Maintenance Appointment

The HVAC system is usually spread about, so the technician will make observations throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces. Techs can determine from model numbers much about the system and its capabilities. Do not be surprised if a visit is made to inspect each supply vent and cold air return. As much of the ductwork as is visible will be inspected for leaks.

Cleaning Tasks

Dirt is the enemy of HVAC efficiency, so cleaning dust, pollen, and dander wherever it is found. The air filter will be replaced by a fresh filter and the dirt will be washed out of the fins of the condenser unit. Dirt can make its way into the evaporator chamber and clog the evaporation drain.

Heating Tasks

  • In gas furnaces, the ignition and burner assembly will be inspected and cleaned. Pilot light technology has been replaced by electric ignition, but a technician will be familiar with both. One byproduct of the combustion of natural gas and propane is water vapor; water will collect and result in rust on burners.
  • Other byproducts of combustion need to be exhausted outdoors; the heat exchange chamber will be thoroughly inspected. The exhaust components will be inspected to ensure carbon monoxide does not leak into the home.
  • The electrical components—switches, capacitors, sensors, and controls—will be tested for function and efficiency. When such a component wears and loses efficiency, it tends to create a cascade of wear on other parts, so it is important to catch wear early.
  • The power consumption for heating will be measured and compared to the manufacturer’s specifications. The temperature change will be measured to ensure the furnace heats properly.
  • The thermostat will be checked, cleaned, and calibrated.

Cooling Tasks

Air conditioner inspection often begins with the outdoor condenser unit.

  • The refrigerant gas is employed in heat pump technology; having the proper level of coolant is essential for proper function. The technician will measure the gas pressure and replace the gas as needed.
  • The complex electrical and mechanical parts that compress the gas and then release it will be checked for function and efficiency. To avoid the cascading effect of failing parts, parts will be replaced as needed.
  • Any leaves, grass, or debris in the vicinity of the condenser unit will be removed. If a garden hose is available, the dirt will be rinsed from the very thin fins of the condenser.
  • An inspection of the indoor evaporator cabinet will ensure the second part of cooling also functions properly. If dust has collected on the blower fan, it will be cleaned. Dust that has collected on the drain pan can clog the evaporator drain line, so it will be vacuumed out.
  • The power consumption for cooling will be measured and compared to the manufacturer’s specifications. The temperature change will be measured to ensure the furnace heats properly.
  • As a courtesy, the technician will present the findings and schedule any further repairs.

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