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AC Services Lake Jackson: Diagnosing an AC System

Whew! What is going on with the air conditioner? It was working fine up to this point, but when you walked into the house this evening, the temperature was much warmer than normal. The air is blowing cool, but not enough to keep the house comfortable. While the first instinct might be panic mode, there are some alternative measures to take before it comes to that.

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First, check the air filter. The filter is designed to collect airborne particles, like dust pollen, and dander. These particles accumulate on the surface of the filter with every heating and cooling cycle. When enough particles collect to clog the filter, it reduces airflow through the system.

This puts tremendous stress on the blower motor and condenser unit. If you find a clogged filter, changing the filter might make an immediate change, bringing cooling comfort to your home again. Make sure to change your filter often and regularly, at least once every three months.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is a combination sensor and a switch that controls the air conditioning function. It responds to the temperature setting and calls for cooling when the temperature climbs above the setting. First, check to make sure the thermostat is set to the Cool position and the temperature reads higher than the setting.

The setting is usually the smaller number. If the setting is correct and the temperature is too high, turn the thermostat off and change the batteries. After replacing the batteries, turn the thermostat setting to the On position and watch the results. The call for cooling should happen quickly; if this is the problem, expect a lowering of temperature within ten minutes.

Clean the Coils

Condenser Coils. The outdoor portion of the air conditioner is commonly called the condenser unit. One of the functions of the condenser is to cool refrigerant gas. The gas can be found in a network of copper or aluminum tubes that make up the sides of the cabinet. Very thin fins are attached to the tube network increasing the amount available to transfer the heat. Notice the large fan in the center of the condenser; it pulls large amounts of air through the network to remove the heat from the gas.

The success of the air conditioner system depends upon cooling the refrigerant gas. However, many normal activities serve to cover the network of tubes and fins. Grass clippings, pollen, and dust get pulled into the condenser, clogging the network. Use a garden hose to wash away debris, take your time. After cleaning the condenser coil, watch the thermostat to see if this makes a difference.

Take note if you find ice built up on the condenser. A repair technician will need to know this information.

Evaporator Coil. One last component to troubleshoot would be the evaporator coil. Find the evaporator in the indoor central air conditioner cabinet. Find a circuit breaker, either on the cabinet or in the electric service panel; turn the power off to the air conditioner. Remove the cabinet plates that cover the blower motor and evaporator coil.

This coil works exactly like a condenser coil, except it is collecting heat from the home, cooling the indoor air in the process. The same gas is moving through coils with fins, just like the outdoor condenser unit. This coil is usually wet since the cold coil encounters warm, moist air. Any airborne particles that get beyond the air filter often collect here and can clog the evaporator coil.

Gently wash away the dust with a water and vinegar mixture. Close up the cabinet, flip the circuit breaker, and watch the thermostat to see whether this makes a difference.

Take note if you find ice built up on the evaporator. A repair technician will need to know this information.

Troubleshooting a problem and finding a solution is very rewarding. Whether these measures restore cooling comfort to your home or not, we recommend that you schedule an inspection visit with a professional technician.

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