Residential Plumber: Importance of Drain Cleaning

Residential Plumber: Importance of Drain Cleaning

Residential Plumber Tips on the Importance of Drain Cleaning

Modern homes depend on a healthy drainage system to carry wastewater from the home. We freely wash everything—food, clothes, dishes, and, oh yeah, our bodies. Every member of the family is expected to use the toilet several times per day and depending upon this waste draining away each time. Anything less than 100% success creates panic and can lead to property damage. Most homes already have a plumber’s helper (a plunger), but every home can benefit from a helpful plumber to properly care for drains.

Problems with Drains

Sticky Items. Many of the substances that end up in drains are sticky by nature.

  • In the kitchen, oils, and grease are not only tacky to the touch, but they often enter the drain as a liquid and solidify inside the drain.
  • Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving gels are also sticky and collect things that pass over them.

These and more substances are washed or flushed away. Some adhere to the walls of the drain and the collection begins. If left unchecked, these substances can result in a clog.

Structural Problems. Remember that the pipe that begins at the sink or tub, extends underground to connect with the sewer utility drainage system. Problems that develop along this length might include:

  • Older pipe material was rather brittle and subject to corrosion or breakage.
  • Construction or erosion can force drainage pipes to move, and the movement can cause damage. Even a very small crack can cause problems, as we will see.
  • The growth of the roots of shrubs or trees exerts tremendous pressure—enough to crack concrete driveways and foundations.

A small opening allows roots to enter the pipe, finding exactly what they are searching for—nutrient-rich water. The roots will completely fill the pipe and create a serious clog.

Residential Plumber Drain Care Services

A Professional Residential Plumber is familiar with these problems and more. They have developed equipment and methods for scoping, cleaning drains, and removing clogs.

  • A camera, mounted to a strong metal cable can be inserted into the pipe to locate problems and guide other tools to remedy the problem. It is not unusual for a drainage system to develop more than one problem and this camera has become very helpful.
  • Another tool attaches a pipe to a metal cable. The pipe is connected to a pump that pushes the water out under tremendous pressure. This is called hydro-jetting. The water, under pressure, can be used to clean the mucky buildup off the drain walls and wash it completely away.
  • Stubborn clogs and strong root balls need yet another tool. A strong metal cable with a cutting tool is used to break through clogs that have completely encompassed the drainpipe. These tools are called drain snakes, for obvious reasons. A simple version turns the snake with a hand crack, but drain snakes with longer cables, needed to reach root balls, turns with an electric motor. Inexperienced homeowners may find powered versions of a drain snake to be dangerous and hard to handle.
  • When a drain scope finds cracks or breaks in the drain line, plumbers are skilled at making repairs. In certain circumstances, some repairs might be made without opening a wall or digging up the lawn, so consult with a plumber before uncovering problem drains.

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