How To Prevent Insects From Entering Your HVAC Unit

How To Prevent Insects From Entering Your HVAC Unit

Keeping Your HVAC Unit Pest Free

Insects of all types seem to be plentiful here on the Texas Gulf Coast. Since we use our HVAC unit year around, the last place we want an insect infestation is within your HVAC equipment. Keeping pests out of your HVAC unit is actually quite simple if you follow these easy steps.

Fill In Any Gaps Or Cracks Near Your HVAC System

Every home has small gaps or cracks. They exist in places in the areas around windows and doors. The same is true along the perimeter of your HVAC equipment or near it. Bugs can manage to slide right into the HVAC system. Filling these gaps or cracks can fix these problem areas.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Ductwork on a Regular Basis

A common entry point for spiders and other insects are breaches in your HVAC ductwork. As your HVAC system ages some tears, gaps, or fittings can develop. Just like filling in cracks or gaps around windows, repairing the damaged ductwork will reduce the ability for insects to get inside your AC unit. Loosened joints can create space for spiders and other insects to enter. Keeping your ductwork in proper working order will not only limit access to insects, but it will also improve your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Remove Vegetation In or Around Your Outdoor HVAC Components

Insects love vegetation, sticks, fallen leaves, grass, or other vegetation debris. If build-up occurs inside your condenser it is just a matter of time before they are on the inside of your HVAC equipment. We like to allow at least 2 feet of clearance around your outside AC unit. Regular inspection of your outdoor components is recommended to keep growth and debris from build-up and hindering the unit’s operation and help keep pests away.


Install Screens on Outdoor Air Vents

Open-air vents are a great way for insects to enter your HVAC system. Installing mesh screens over vents will drastically reduce insects and arachnid’s ability to enter your AC system. This is an affordable and highly effective technique in reducing pest infestations.

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