Humidity: The Correct Balance for the Best Air Quality

Humidity: The Correct Balance for the Best Air Quality

What are the ideal humidity levels to avoid getting sick 

When you think about contracting an airborne illness, the first things to come to mind are the things we touch. Door handles, light switches, keyboard panels, stair rails, or other surfaces where bacteria and viruses can be transmitted.

Homes on the Texas Gulf Coast have another way of transmitting bacteria and viruses… airborne water called humidity. Humidity levels in your home play a huge role in your overall health.

How Does Humidity Cause Illnesses?

The EPA says that indoor air quality is up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air. Poor indoor air quality combined with a hot and humid climate is a powerful recipe for illness. Dry air and viral infections have been linked to infection and the flu.

What Level of Humidity is Right for Your Home?

The optimal humidity level is somewhere between 40-60%. The humidity is not high enough to promote mold growth, but it is moist enough to keep viral infection spread to a minimum. The question is, how do you easily control the humidity in your home?

Humidity: The Correct Balance for the Best Air Quality

Humidity Control Solutions

Room humidifiers have limited results. They require a great deal of work to maintain; refilling the water, keeping the basin clean, and making sure it is on or off at the time it is needed.

Whole-home humidifiers are more automated and allow you to choose a humidity level and maintain the desired level. Water is automatically added when needed so the maintenance required is greatly reduced. This option allows you to closely control humidity levels which will lead to healthier indoor air quality.

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