HVAC Service: Improper Maintenance Can Be Dangerous

HVAC Service: Improper Maintenance Can Be Dangerous

HVAC service companies are not only a life saver when the system breaks down. What many people do not know is that regularly scheduled air conditioning services can also protect your health.

Poorly Maintained HVAC System Causes Legionnaire’s Disease

A few years back people caught Legionnaire’s Disease while attending a conference in Philadelphia. Research proved that the bacteria formed in the HVAC system’s cooling tower. It was then spread through the hotel by the AC system ductwork. This disease does cause flu-like symptoms, gastrointestinal infections, vomiting, chills, shaking, and even coughing up blood in more extreme cases. Although treatment is fairly routine, the problem existed because of a poorly maintained HVAC service.

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Texas Gulf Coast Air Quality Is Nothing to Sneeze At

The Texas Gulf Coast has days throughout the year where pollution warnings are issued. Our local authorities and manufacturing facilities do their best to reduce air pollution as much as possible. Air quality is a big concern for your cooling and heating systems. Our air conditioning and heating systems are design to prevent air exchanges between indoors and outdoors. They do their best to keep airborne pollutants outside of our home or businesses.

Technologically Advanced Cooling and Heating Systems

It is a very rare situation that your air conditioning system will give you Legionnaire’s Disease. However, due to the extreme summer heat and yearlong humidity, cooling and heating systems in Houston, Texas require regularly scheduled maintenance. Maintenance of your air conditioning system ensures that the system operates more efficiently, thus reducing wear and tear.

Between pollution and germs that can naturally grow in your HVAC service, the importance of having a top of the line system and routine maintenance cannot be over-emphasized. It is in your best interest to keep the air quality in your home the best quality of air possible.

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