5 Tips to Keep Your Plumbing Safe This Hurricane Season

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How to Keep Your Plumbing Safe Before, During, and After a Hurricane

With the 2024 hurricane season right around the gulf, south Texas homeowners are making long-term preparedness plans to protect their homes and families in the event of a major storm.

The season is predicted to be as active as usual, anticipating 25 named storms in the Atlantic and 6 major storms anticipated to hit the coasts of the US directly. The danger is real enough that coastal inhabitants should make plans for severe weather.

The major portions of preparedness plans focus on stockpiling water, food, and batteries, boarding windows, and planning evacuation routes. However, do not forget a few steps to protect your home from plumbing and water damage.

1 Know Your Area

Low-lying areas are more prone to flooding problems, which lead to sewer backups and interruption of the water supply. Identify drainage ditches since this might be the source of localized flooding.

Municipal leaders and neighbors may have specific suggestions to protect your home and property.

Remove leaves and limb debris from your home. This debris accumulates and creates clogs in stream beds, large and small. Also, be mindful of culverts or ditches on your property.

2 Test Your Sump Pump

The season immediately preceding a hurricane might be dry, so activate the pump with a few gallons of water. If the sump pump does not work, make sure to repair or replace it before the arrival of a severe storm of any kind.

3 Prepare Evacuation Plans Carefully

Will you remove your family from danger or shelter in place? At what point will you evacuate? If you evacuate, plan a route that makes notice of flood-prone roads. If you plan to evacuate, plan to leave early to avoid severe traffic jams.

4 Turn the Water Supply Off

If you plan to evacuate, make sure to turn off the water supply before you leave. This avoids unnecessary water damage while you are gone. If you plan to evacuate, make sure to turn off the water supply once the storm arrives, for the same reason.

5 Be Careful When Turning the Water On

Communicate with local utility companies and municipalities about the state of the water supply, sewer, and storm sewer systems; observe boil orders and other directives to ensure the safety of the water supply in your home.

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