If your furnace sounds like it is working but the air blowing out feels cold, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue before you call a repair company in Houston, TX.

6 Reasons A Furnace Can Blow Cold Air

Check The Thermostat

Maybe you passed by a vent and the air seemed cool. However, if your house is staying warm at the temperature you set the thermostat, the problem might be as simple as the thermostat setting. In addition, ensure your thermostat is set to auto rather than on to keep the fan from blowing continuously. If the fan is on but the furnace isn’t actually heating the air, the air blowing through the vents will seem cool.

Change The Air Filter Regularly

If your air filter is dirty, it can restrict airflow into the furnace, and overheat it, causing safety controls to turn off the burners. This is a safety feature to protect the furnace from overheating and the damage that can cause.

Pilot Light Or Ignition Problems

A problem with the ignition system is another reason the furnace may not be working properly. What this means is that the furnace isn’t lighting the fuel, and therefore it isn’t heating your home.

Inadequate Gas Supply

Check that your gas supply is turned on, and that your gas line is supplying enough gas to the furnace. If not, your furnace will automatically lock down for safety.

Major Duct Problems

Check the air ducts, large holes or leaks can make it feel like your furnace isn’t working. Cold air from the attic or crawl space can get into the ducts through the holes.

Condensate Clog

Newer, more efficient furnaces have condensate drain lines to remove the water that is created during the heating process. If this line gets clogged, it will automatically activate a switch preventing the burners from lighting.

If you live in Houston, TX and your furnace is blowing cold air or not working at all, call your local HVAC professional to schedule a repair. If you feel confused by the issues of heating system tune ups and maintenance, yet know your furnace needs a hard look from a top-quality contractor, check out heating specialists in the Houston area.

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